Microclover Planting Guide

Frequently Asked Questions


When to plant

The optimal time to grow microclover is…

In Alberta, the Frost dates are approxiamately…

City Prov Last Frost of Spring First Frost of Autumn
Athabasca AB May-21 Sep-10
Calgary AB May-26 Sep-10
Edmonton AB May-10 Sep-19
Grande Prairie AB May-16 Sep-13
Lethbridge AB May-18 Sep-18
Medicine Hat AB May-14 Sep-18
Peace River AB May-21 Sep-07
Red Deer AB May-24 Sep-09

If you live in Calgary (as we do), your planting season would look like…

Alt text

(The dates on this chart are courtesy of the online Farmers Almanac. You can get more info about “climate normals” from Environment Canada.)

Prepare the area


Overseeding mixed with soil

When overseeding an existing lawn, mix the seed with the appropriate amount of soil and spread over the intended growth area. Rake the mixture over the area. The soil amounts in the chart below will allow you to spread the seed/soil mixture to a depth of approxiamately 6mm (1/4”) over the coverage area.

Microclover Seed Soil Amount Coverage
125g 150L (5 cu.ft) 25 m^2 (250-ish sq.ft)
250g 300L (10 cu.ft) 50 m^2 (500-ish sq.ft)
500g 600L (20 cu.ft) 100 m^2 (1000-ish sq.ft)

New seeding mixed with grass seed

A general rule of thumb when starting a lawn from from scratch is to use 5% microclover seed of the total weight of the grass seed being sown. Combine the microclover and grass seed together and spread with a regular seed spreader. The coverage in the chart below is based on an aggresive “seeding” of regular grass (but now improved with microclover seed). You can lower the seed amounts by 1/3 for a more conservativce approach to establishing your new lawn.

Microclover Seed Grass Seed Coverage
125g 2.5kg 50 m^2
250g 5.0kg 100 m^2
500g 10kg 200 m^2

New seeding all on its own

The application and coverage of this type is similar overseeding an existing lawn. Note that Vintage seed is uncoated and very light-weight. It is recommended you mix the seed with equal parts soil, sand, or even sawdust to help “weigh” it down, allowing it settle onto the coverage area properly. Use a seed spreader (the kind you wheel around the lawn) to evenly distribute the seed.

Microclover Seed Coverage
125g 25 m^2 ( 250-ish sq.ft)
250g 50 m^2 ( 500-ish sq.ft)
500g 100 m^2 (1000-ish sq.ft)


Water the area immediately after application. Keep the area moist with daily watering until the clover is established, usually three to seven days.

Great work! Enjoy the extra free time you will have that night normally be spent maintaining your non-clovered lawn!

An extremely detailed (stuff like soil PH details) guide to planting clover can be found on WikiHow… http://www.wikihow.com/Grow-a-Clover-Lawn